Hoi Zäme! I'm Yasha.
Thank you for visiting at my website.

What Grauwölfchen means?

That's my nickname (addition to Yasha) on the internet. Grau means gray colour, and Wölfchen means a kid of a wolf in German.
According to requirements, It's written also as grauwoelfchen(ö -> oe) sometimes.

Also, my tiny own firm for software development; Lupine Software LLC is named after wolf, too.
I just like wolf ;)

Why this website is not arranged as centre?

I pretend that this is a website exists from the good old days, ha ha.

In my humble but a bit selfish opinion, it's easier to read that text is put on leftmost (or rightmost regarding language) on a web page rather than centred because that causes less eye movement. Especially if you come from something a terminal application in which you input commands, moving your eyes left-right by design would bother you.
I just want my website to be friendly and readable for those who have such a preference as I do. I hope you like this.

If you see this on a wide screen, then you perhaps might be confused.
Please consider using something tile-ed window manager, and split or move windows as needed XD

If you have any good suggestions for this, then email me.


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